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Beatriz Martorello, is an attorney-at-law in Argentina Peru and the US (State of Illinois), a Foreign Legal Consultant in Illinois, a certified mediator in Argentina and in the US and an arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association. She has a specialization in dispute resolution.

Beatriz has worked for several decades for national and international clients in corporate law, international law, international transactions, family law and conflict resolution. She specialized in the enforcement of judgments against Argentina and in debt consolidation. She has taught graduate and postgraduate courses in procedural law at the University of Buenos Aires and in other countries.

Beatriz Martorello was president of the Inter American Bar Association/Federacion Interamericana de Abogados (IABA/FIA) in 2010 – 2011, served on its Executive Committee from 2002 – 2012 and as a member of the Board continuously since 2000 . Headquartered in Washington DC, IABA/FIA represents all the bar associations of the Americas as well as the bar associations of Spain and France.

Ms. Martorello’s presidency was characterized by an efficient, objective-driven leadership, high managerial capacity, the restructuring of the institution’s finances, a 23% increase in membership, the signing of agreements with the International Association of Lawyers, the American Bar Association, the Latin American Development Bank, the American University, the Organization of American States and the incorporation into IABA/FIA of the Bar Associations of France, Portugal and Italy, among others.

She successfully obtained and implemented corporate and institutional grants to the IABA/FIA, including from the Latin American Development Bank, Lexis Nexis and American University, inter alia.

Ms. Martorello was a member of the Board of Governors of the International Association of Lawyers (Paris, France) from 2008 to 2013, is a member of the American Bar Association, is a certified Argentina and US Mediator.

Member of the Committee of International Standards for Mediators – International Mediation Institute, Netherlands and International Arbitrator of the American Arbitration Association with headquarters in New York, US.

Ms. Martorello is a member of the Institute of Procedural Law of the National Academy of Law and Social Sciences of the Argentine Republic.

She was awarded an Honoris Causa Diploma by the Garcilaso de la Vega University in Peru where she is also an Honorary Professor.

She published 18 books as author or co-author on topics within her fields of expertise.

Receiving various awards including the IABA/FIA Best Book Award for her work “Proceedings for the Adjudication of Incompetence and Disablement – Theory and Practice” in 2006, the Honorary Diploma granted by IABA/FIA in 2000, and a second Honorary Diploma by it in 2008, in addition to the Jurisprudence Award in 2009.

Beatriz Martorello has won many international awards and recognitions for her leadership and achievements, including the Medal of Honor from the Madrid Bar Association for her valuable achievements during her tenure as President of the Inter-American Bar Association.

As Manager of the Fair Labor Standards Division of the Illinois Department of Labor, Beatriz Martorello developed programmatic policies, and provided leadership and direction to staff responsible for implementing the policies, procedures and guidelines pertaining to the Division, which enforces the Wage Payment and Collection Act, the Minimum Wage Law, the One Day of Rest in Seven Act, the Child Labor Law, the Day and Temporary Services Law Act, the Private Employment Act and the Nurse Agency Act.

Since 2011, she has served as President of Women Empowerment Now Foundation, an organization she co-founded. She is currently a member of the International Women’s Forum (IWF).

Beatriz is licensed to practice law in Civil Law (Argentina and Peru) and Common Law (US) jurisdictions. This gives her a broad and comparative understanding of the different legal systems. She is a successful bridge between the two legal cultures.

Since June 2023 she is serving as Vice President LATAM Legal and Regulatory Affairs for the NYSE publicly traded leading online gaming company Rush Street Interactive.

Aaron Schildhaus
Attorney-at-law in the State of Illinois. Attorney-at-law in the District of Columbia.
Chair of the Section of International Law of the American Bar Association, 2008-2009.
Aaron has extensive experience working for US and international clients in the fields of corporate and international law, international transactions and corporate compliance.
Aaron advises corporations and non-governmental organizations regarding international risk assessment, global structure, anti-corruption (FCPA), cybersecurity, privacy and data protection (GDPR).



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